About Us

Alternatif Plastik

With the high quality products that we offer to global markets, we are among the strongest and most reliable technical textile companies of Turkey.


The foundations of Alternatif Plastik were laid in 1974 as Selahattin Mirza joined the plastics industry. Producing a variety of plastics with continuous improvement philosophy since its establishment, the company is named Alternatif Plastik when it became an incorporation in year 2001.


Recognized by its innovations since its foundation, we have produced “transparent bra straps” which was a brand new product in Turkish market. Then we broke another ground by starting production of laminated film which was only imported by then and put an end to foreign source dependency of Turkey.


Being one of the leading producers in the industry, we are capable of fulfilling all rapidly changing demands and needs of the market with our wide and high quality product range. We offer the perfect quality rapidly and effectively.